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Slim. From every angle.

The back and front aluminum covers, at just 1mm each, take just as much space as a credit card. So no bulk is unnecessarily added. The same goes for the weight: aluminum ensures a robust wallet and keeps the weight incredibly low.

Fit for any occasion.

Now with 5 colours to choose from: classy all purpose black, grey, blue, coral and spearmint. Mix and match plates with bands to create a unique combination.

Big or small.

Whether you'd like to fit 3, 5 or 10 cards, Cardstack will keep your cards securely into place. Even though Cardstack was designed to reduce the size of your wallet, you don't have to worry about not being able to fit that one extra card or the band breaking off. We're using robust silicone rubber bands that can expand quite a lot. 

More than just rubber bands.

It would have been easy to go with simple rubber bands. But traditional rubber bands wear off very fast, dry and break easily. So we went with silicone. Then again, not your average silicone bands - they share the same elasticity as rubber bands, holding your cards tight, but have the durability of silicone.

Robust. Lightweight. Stylish.

Brushed finish aluminum ensures a robust, scratch resistant wallet and keeps the weight incredibly low. No detail was spared, even the logo is laser printed.

RFID blocking.

Thanks to the aluminum, Cardstack will block any RFID signal and keep your cards secure.